The passion for football meets NFT collectible cards: Futster!

The passion for football meets NFT collectible cards: Futster!

Football is a worldwide passion. And our relationship with this sport goes far beyond the 90 minutes of a match: we are fans, but we are also coaches, and above all, we collect memories and experiences.

Futster is a game dedicated to everything we love most about football, in a format designed for the present and the future.

The classic collectibles cards enter the virtual arena, allowing gamers to connect. But Futster cards are much more than collectibles. Through their unique stats and behaviroual traits, they become your athletes to manage, evolve and create your dream team.

This alliance between the classic and the new doesn’t stop there: Futster fun its focused on strategy, its a team management game you can enjoy without strictly depending on motor skills or reaction time.

We thought about all fantasy football games based on real matches data, and also about new market dynamics and engagement built by crypto games. And of course, we are already working on partnerships with football clubs to bring fans from all regions closer to their favorite teams and athletes.

The biggest clubs, legendary athletes, all at your disposal to collect, organize strategically and participate in championships, where each attribute makes a difference.

All in a format that rewards those who play more, taking advantage of the possibilities opened up by the blockchain and bringing a dose of reality to the world of football, making the blockchain universe more accessible to all.

Get ready to build the team of your dreams. Futster is coming.


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