it works

Watch the video tutorial and
learn how to get your futster cards

it works

Watch the video tutorial and
learn how to get your futster cards

Video tutorial


Creat account

To begin, create your account using your email address.


Creat account

To begin, create your account using your email address.


Cards rarity

Great! Now you can check the real and fictional athletes card’s rarity levels. There are seven levels and the higher they are, the rarer the card: Simple, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Star, Legendary and Unique. Each card has attributes and behavioral traits that make each athlete unique.


Choose your pack

There are four types of packs, from different clubs. Each pack contains three cards with rarities and statistics distributed randomly. The more special packs have a higher chance of higher rarity cards.



Once you have chosen your packs, it’s time to checkout (watch the step-by-step video tutorial). Choose the payment method and enter the required data. As soon as the payment is approved, you will receive an email showing which cards you have drawn! They will be automatically added to your collection in the “My Cards” area (under “My Account“). You can also check your assets on the blockchain.


Select players

Now you can build your team, sign up for leagues, and start playing matches on Futster! Join the game!



You can complete daily missions and be rewarded with in-game currency. Every match and championship won generates prizes: xp, coins and cards! Use coins to sign up for championships, buy cards, and other in-game activities.


Join the game


What is Futster?

Futster is a collectible card game of fictional and real teams and players, inspired by the passion for football. ⚽

In Futster, players can earn tokens by participating in the game with simple actions such as winning matches and championships, trading athletes and accessories in the marketplace and completing missions and achievements. They can play for leisure, collect cards, shirts and accessories from their favorite club, and create unusual and powerful teams to compete!

What are play-by-play matches?

It is basically the concept of showing the match highlights, with fun visual effects and commentary!

Futster works as an auto-football game. The cards themselves decide their plays - when to pass the ball, dribble or to kick the striker's shin. Every card has a set of behavioral traits that define their actions, as well as stats that determine how good they are at each aspect of the game.

What is an NFT?

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a digital certificate registered on a blockchain. It works as an asset for digital goods that are not mutually interchangeable. It is a cryptographic token that represents something unique and guarantees its authenticity.

What is a Token?

In the cryptocurrency world, token means the digital representation of an asset on a blockchain.

What is Ethereum?

It's a blockchain that allows the transfer of crypto assets between individuals without the need for a third party to ensure the validation of the transaction.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is the name of the distributed ledger technology (DLT) developed together with Bitcoin (BTC) in mid-2009. In a nutshell, it is a system that contains digital items where it is possible to monitor and validate all transactions made.

Where can I buy and sell NFTs?

In Futster's own marketplace or on platforms such as OpenSea, LooksRare and Gem, among other NFTs marketplaces built on the Ethereum Network and blockchains compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Do I need a cryptocurrency wallet in advance to play Futster?

No need! Games are created primarily for fun and engagement. Our goal is to make the game quick to get into and easy to use. So when you sign up, a wallet is automatically created for you. Of course, if you are a crypto master and want to use your own wallet, you can!

What blockchain technology Futster uses?

The NFT cards are minted, and tokens issued on Polygon, a sidechain linked to the Ethereum network, to generate scalability and efficiency gains without compromising blockchain security and decentralization. The tokens generated by Smart Contracts developed by Futster follow the ERC-721 (NFTs) and ERC-20 (Utility Tokens) standards, ensuring your NFTs and tokens will be safe and easily transactioned.

What is FUT token ($FUT)?

Token FUT ($FUT) is Futster’s main utility token - or, in layman's terms, the game's main currency. Players will earn $FUT for winning in-game matches and competitions, including competitions and events created by other users, as well as completing collections, missions and achievements. $FUT can be used for a number of advancements within the game, including utilizing the fusion system, buying more packs, and much more. The token has a cap of 300 million units.

What is $BOL token?

The BOL Token ($BOL) is the second utility token in the game, which differs from $FUT (like the difference between diamond and gold in many other games). $BOL is our “gold” and $FUT is our “diamond”. Players will receive $BOL by participating in matches, performing certain actions and completing missions and achievements. While $FUT is used for “big leaps” of progression, $BOL is used for “small steps”. It will be needed in many aspects of the game, while $FUT will only be needed in some. $BOL will therefore demand higher volume. As a result, it has an infinite mint and burn cycle. There is no stock limit and the creation speed is determined by players actions. It is an in-game currency that must, by its nature, be kept affordable. The Futster team has no reserves of this crypto currency, and can only impact it through gameplay modifications.

How do I participate in Futster's Discord?

To be part of our community via Discord just click on the server invite, introduce yourself to the channel and interact with everyone! From there, you can participate in exclusive events and also ask questions whenever you need to.
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